Mobile App Singapore

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App Development is one of our specializations as an integrated Internet and IT Solutions service provider. As statistics show that the number of mobile users are growing aggressively worldwide, we are dedicated to help businesses especially Singapore SMEs to catch up with the “Mobile Era”. 

We develop native mobile apps for iOS and Android systems. Start with the end in mind, we develop every single project with 100% focus on UI/UX design & development, app usability, engagement & conversion.

Technologies that we adopt: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Backbone.js, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Java, etc..

Mobile App Development Process

Phase I – Project Initiation

Idea – Conceptualisation of your mobile application

Business Analysis – Before going further, we have to understand more about your business, products and services, unique selling points, goals and objectives, business modal, marketing strategies and channels, etc etc.. We never compromise skipping this phase as this is critical to bring your project to a success.

Phase II – Design

Framework – Our mobile app developers will sit down with you to draft a framework for your mobile app.

User Interface (UI) Design – Our UI Designer will prepare a design mock up of your mobile app base on the information provided, and make sure the design goes along with your company branding. Upon approval, we move on to the next phase – Development.

Phase III – Development

Development – Our mobile app developers start to develop the mobile app’s framework and structure, functionalities or applications, customization, etc etc..

Phase IV – Testing

UAT – known as the “User Acceptance Testing”. You and your company members will be first ones to experience the mobile app, test on it, and feedback to us.

Review and Finalise – Our designers and developers perform final changes based on your feedback, and we are ready to launch the app in App Store and Google Play!

Phase V – Deployment

GO LIVE! – We bring your unique mobile app live on the App Store and Google Play for download!

Support & Maintenance – We do provide 3 months of FREE Support and Maintenance to make sure your mobile app is “healthy”!