Web Design and Development

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CMS Web Design

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal

Few of the major advantages of CMS Web Design are:

  • Centralised System – allows publishing, editing and modifying the content of a website from a central interface to all the authorised users;
  • Easy for non-technically minded – No (or minimal) technical knowledge required to manage and maintain the site on you own;
  • SEO friendly – Best practices for search engine optimization like meaningful URL’s, inclusion of page titles, correct metadata etc.. make on-page SEO easier to perform;
  • Low Cost – Some Content Management Platforms like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal are open source while for others minimal cost can be incurred.

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Custom Programming


When it comes to bigger scale or complex projects, we would recommend custom development, as the entire site will be 100% customizable, more scalable (can be integrated with any functionalities), more secure. Few of the examples of a “bigger scale” projects are:

  • Web portal;
  • Government portal;
  • Business directory;
  • eCommece marketplace
  • etc..

Web Design & Development Process

Phase I – Project Initiation

Idea – Share us your idea, what you have in mind for the website that you intend to develop.

Business Analysis – Before going further, we have to understand more about your business, products and services, unique selling points, goals and objectives, business modal, marketing strategies and channels, etc etc.. We never compromise skipping this phase as this is critical to bring your project to a success.

Phase II – Design

Sitemap – Our web design specialist will sit down with you to draft a sitemap for your website, i.e. what are the pages we are going to have in your website, and how to arrange them in a user friendly manner.

User Interface (UI) Design – Our UI Designer will prepare a design mock up of your front page base on the information provided, and make sure the design goes along with your company branding. Upon approval, we move on to the next phase – Development.

Phase III – Development

Development – Our developers start to develop the website structure, functionalities or applications, customization, etc etc..

Phase IV – Testing

UAT – known as the “User Acceptance Testing”. You and your company members will be first ones to browse through the site, test on it, and feedback to us.

Review and Finalise – Our designers and developers perform final changes based on your feedback, and we are ready to GO LIVE!

Phase V – Deployment

GO LIVE! – We bring your well-designed website live on the internet and start working for your business!

Support & Maintenance – For Web Design Singapore, we do provide 3 months of FREE Support and Maintenance to make sure your site is “healthy”!

Important Features for Every Web Development Projects

Site Security

Site Security is always our priority in developing any website. Malware scanning, code scanning, limit login attempt are few of the important elements that we always implement in every single project.

Responsive Layout

Responsive layout has become more and more important as more users are surfing the internet using their mobile or tablet, not to mention its effect on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as mobile responsiveness has become one of the major guidelines in Google ranking.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

We make sure your website works perfectly in different browsers, particularly those major ones like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

Search Engine Friendly

In website development, we always have SEO in mind even from the very first stage of business analysis. We implement basic on-page SEO during the development stage, and make sure that the structure of the website is SEO friendly.

Social Media Integration

Integrate all your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc..into your website design to further improve the interaction and communication with your target audiences.

Post-GO LIVE Support

Monthly inspections on website’s functionalities and updates of your CMS version (if the site was developed using CMS platform). Prompt technical support on website and web hosting-related issues.

User Management

Allow different user roles to access to your website administration portal. For instance admin, editor, manager, author and contributor to have different roles and rights to do different task on the website.

Lead Generation

Generate contact forms, newsletter signup portal and appointment booking features into your website to turn your site visitors into effective leads.

Training & Full Ownership

Upon completion of your website, we provide training to you on how to self-manage the site, and we grant you full ownership of the entire website.