Web Design Course Singapore

Learn how to design a professional and engaging website using Wordpress


WordPress Web Design Course in Singapore

Learn how to:

  • Register a Domain
  • Set Up a Hosting Account
  • Set Up Corporate Email Accounts
  • Install WordPress (Free Web Design Software)
  • Select, Install & Customize Themes (Professional Templates)
  • Select & Install Plugins (Website Functionalities)
  • Create & Manage Pages and Content
  • Create a Blog Page
  • Create a Portfolio Page
  • Create Contact/ Inquiry Forms
  • Insert Media Files/ Images into Website
  • Embed Videos & Google Map
  • Social Media Integration
  • Basic Online Marketing Skills – Search Engine Optimization (SEO Singapore) & Facebook Marketing

web design training singapore

Course Fee & Take-Away

Learn the LIFELONG SKILLS at ONLY S$880. What will be included in the course fee?

1-Day Hands-on Training

  • Web Design Training;
  • Form scratch, learn how to register a domain, set up hosting account, develop pages and content using WordPress (no technical background required at all)
  • Basic Online Marketing Training – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Facebook Marketing


  • 2 Hours of Review Session to review your website (2 weeks after completion of the course).

Premium Freebies

  • Premium Themes and Plugins worth more than USD$800. We give it to you to save you time to do research and save you money to purchase.

Free Resources

  • Useful tips and guidance on free online design tools and resources (images/ graphics/ icons/ software/ etc..) that will be very helpful to your web design works.

Attention & Care

  • It’s a small class (max. 20 students) web design training and 100% HANDS-ON Training, we make sure you can follow the steps in learning how to create your own website.

Advice on Monetization

  • Learn also how to monetize the web design and online marketing skills to create additional income for yourself.

Kind words from our students

singapore web design course

What you can do after attending the Web Design Course?

There are really lots of opportunities out there for you to explore once you have equipped yourself with the Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Marketing skills. Just to list a few:

  • Build yourself a professional and engaging website, and also to run the marketing campaigns for yourself;
  • To be a web design freelancer, offering companies in Singapore to build them a corporate website to earn extra income;
  • Get into the web design business! Start with offering low cost web design package to companies to gain experience and build your portfolio, and slowly build up the company (you may engage us as your Web Design Consultant if you need help for your projects);
  • Start your online business with Affiliate Marketing (with AmazonClickbank, etc..) and Google Adsense to build your pipeline for passive income;
  • Work with local businesses in Joint-Venture (JV) Modal, helping them to generate leads and sales online, and of course you get the profit sharing!

Hope these suggestions bring you some ideas on how to MONETIZE the skill that you are going to learn. Of course that’s not all! Once you equip yourself with the internet skills, you’ll have lots of ideas to harvest your own fruits on the internet.